our values

Quality Time with Quality People on Quality Projects

Quality is at the bedrock of our philosophy, both in terms of the kinds of investments we make and with whom we make them. Indeed, quality is that enduring and differentiating attribute that always places time on one’s side, both in life and investing.

Create More than We Capture

Integral to our purpose is the pursuit of value creation as a service to others. We are at our best as investors when we approach our craft through growing a win-win ecosystem rather than pursuing the maximization of our own interests. In our investments and undertakings, we deliberately aim to sow much more than we reap.

Our Time Horizon: Eternity

Every investment we originate reaches aspirationally toward the long arc of forever, and we have a permanent capital base to support that ambition. Therefore, when we back someone we intend to go ‘all in’ on them for life, or as long as possible.

The Sower Works for Mastery by Turning the Wheel (SATOR)

We marvel at the power of compounding in relationships, trust, knowledge and capital. We believe that if one combines consistent efforts, a growth mindset and long duration, outcomes otherwise improbable can in time become predictable.

Love Wins

In the world of high finance generally characterized by zero-sum thinking and dog-eat-dog behavior, we believe in another way. From our own experience and through our study of human nature and the history of civilizations, love is the most enduring force in the universe. As such, it seems sensible to us that a truly long-term approach and philosophy must embody qualities such as patience, kindness, respect, trustworthiness, and perseverance. Anything else would be lunacy!

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